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I never heard about John Titor before Lut mentioned him. And now that I read about him, I have serious doubts. His predictions ... so easily to discard ... certainly not on the same level as Nostradamus.

btw If you read Nostradamus well, you could see that he's not writing about the future but about the past!
maybe john titor is more then one person ...and one of them is pulling our leg or maybe by appearing and predicting the future got changed ?
John Titor In this mystery posts he made very interesting predictions about this world that are going to happen from 2004 and on. Up until writing this post some of the predictions didn’t came true this is why many of the mystery seekers treat this story as a complete hoax and nothing more. Among the predictions are: dividing the USA to 5 little countries, a big and final war that will destroy the whole man kind and many more apocalyptic ends. This person talked deeply about how to build a time machine and travel in time, an advanced technology that is available only in the near future.

According to John Titor hoax he is a soldier in US military at the year 2036 that travelled back in time to the year 1975 to fix the IBM computers which will be much developed in the future and will enable us to do much more complicated things. John Titor say that he preferred to live at the year 2000 to visit his family, and also to warm us from deadly disease and UFO invasion.

John Titor hoax might be real or at least he was just trying to warn us from destroying ourselves. You see, life can be changed in one second; a simple move can open a different road in our life. It is like watching an event that have some name parameters and factors that are interacting with each other. This is why prophecies don’t fulfill all the time. and to the matter of fact it is very hard to predict the future but we can have an idea to where we are going or how we will end up if we will choose one path over the other. So the John Titor hoax shouldn’t taken too seriously but only to show us an example of what will happen if we will make the wrong choices.

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exactly...what if he comes up with new ways of using clean sources to get electricity and such wouldnt that be nice ? ...what if more johns are out there not just one ? and his predictions is john his past if he is from 2036 then 2004 he probably was a small kid or not even born..maybe he didnt put much interest in history class lol or his timeline is an alternative one ?
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